week one: 06/02-06/08 part three

saturday: emma, jen (my roommate), and i went to narragansett  to check out the r.i.n.h.s. bioblitz. from the rinhs.org website:

A BioBlitz is an attempt by volunteers, working scientists and avocational naturalists, to tally as many species of organism as they can in 24 hours on a particular parcel of land.

although we missed the first night of rainy chaos, we arrived early enough on the second day to participate in a bird-watching walk led by an extremely knowledgeable guy named dan. he could identify every bird species by their calls or a short glimpse, and he knew a lot of plant and insect species as well. i had the opportunity to crack open whole new sections of my sibley: tyrant flycatchers; wrens; thrushes; mimids; wood-warblers; and tanagers, cardinals, and their allies (italics mine, another cute [to me] birder-ism).

a photodump follows:

flying camera!
flying camera!
the camera in motion
the camera in motion
turtles someone found. i forgot their species.
a whole flock of fat roosters.
ladybird beetle having a ball. also pictured: unlucky red aphids.
ladybird beetle having a ball. also pictured: unlucky red aphids.

i doubt anyone initialized the new england cottontail slot that day.

id station
id station
plate of mushrooms. delicious.
plate of fungi. delicious.
wooly sheep
wooly sheep

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